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  • ​Divination/Ebo

  • Financial Readings

  • Ori Ceremony

  • Head Rogations

  • Naming Ceremonies

  • Weddings

  • Ancestral Alter Consecration

  • Clean & Feed Ifa, Orisa, Warriors

  • Classes

  • Ileke Ceremony

  • Aje (Iyami) Ceremony

  • Orisa Baths/Spiritual Cleansings

  • House Cleanings

  • Transition Planning



Yoruba Language classes, Orisa 101 & 102 for groups of 5 or more, Comparative Religion and Exploration of Odu Ifa Classes


Guest Speakers & Lectures

Ile Ori hosts a number of dynamic Orators that always lift the soul and stir the spirit. Don't miss the next one!



The Practicum (held Quarterly) are limited to Babalawo, Iyanifa and Olorisa. Subject matters covered will be determined by participants' needs and interests. For Example, Obi Divination, Ebo, Adimu Eje, Caring & Cooking for Orisa, Rituals & more.

Workshops & Ceremonies


Participate in self-directed study and experience discussions on philosophical concepts on IFA, Yoruba cosmology and pantheon.


Participate and learn during prayes (iwure), offerings (adimu), and praise of our divine Ancestors and Orisa. Strengthen your connections to your divine self through Ancient African healing. Ile Ori is open to the public the first and third Sunday of each month.

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