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Iyalosa Omolewa O. Eniolorunopa

lya Omolewa O. Eniolorunopa is a priestess in the traditional West African religion called Ifa. Since the early 1990's, she has traveled to many locations in the U.S. and Africa to study the teachings of lfa. She was initiated as an Iyalosa (Orisa Priestess) in 1997. For almost a decade, she served as coordinator at Ile Ori Ifa Temple & African Cultural Center in Atlanta, where she taught/assisted in sacred rituals, healing ceremonies and worship services.

She is founder of the Sacred African Literary Society, a women's group of interfaith leaders dedicated to promoting religious tolerance. Her interests in the connectedness of humanity and the spiritual strengths of women have helped her examine the gender roles in Ifa and in other faiths. Omolewa authored the book Who...She Who?: A Bible Study Guide - which explores the personification of “Wisdom,” the divine feminine in the 21"'century-published by CreateSpace/2007.

Iya Omolewa is a retired educator with a B.S. degree from Georgia State University, a Master of Arts degree from Central Michigan University, and post-graduate research in Ethnography at Georgia State University. Her independent studies in spirituality and comparative religion have been ongoing since childhood. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Omolewa was featured as “Activist of the Month” for May, 2010 on The Circle – Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, and was interviewed on AIB-TV's One on One: An Interfaith Dialogue. In 2OO7, she participated in the Faith, Feminism & Philanthropy Dialogue presented by the Atlanta Women's Foundation. She performed a ceremonial pouring of libation and invocation at the opening ceremony for the exhibition: “Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America" held in the rose garden of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in 2002. Iya Omolewa was a member of Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta (FAMA) an interfaith forum (20O3-2007).

In 2001, Iya Omolewa presented the keynote address at the National African Religion Congress (NARC World) Convention in Philadelphia, PA, and served as a board member of NARC World from 2002-2006. She has been a guest lecturer, facilitated workshops and presentations at numerous schools/universities, churches, and temples.

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