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Iyanifa Niniola Emilere

Iya Niniola has worked tirelessly and continuously with Ile Ori African Cultural Center since 1994. In 2001, she was initiated to IFA and to EGBE in Osogbo, Nigeria, West Africa—Chief Kayode Faniyi officiating. She has been trained in Owo Merindinlogun and has studied under highly accomplished instructors in Osogbo, Ibadan, and Oyo.

Considered by many as a business tycoon, Iya Niniola has always sought ways to improve the financial status of all who seek her assistance. She counsels young entrepreneurs about starting businesses and successfully staying in business. She has conducted workshops on Money Management, Personal Finances, and The Thrill and Art of Saving.

Iya Niniola has been a pioneer in the nail industry in Atlanta for over 30 years and also founded the award-winning Fairy Godmother Acrylic Nail Products, Lifestyles of the Rich and Kinky Sisterlocks, and the Spider™ Dreadlock and Sisterlock Hair Replacement System for Men and Women.

Iya Niniola received a B.S. degree from Clark Atlanta University in Business Education, and a M.A. degree in Business Management and Supervision from Central Michigan University. She is also an H & R Block-certified tax preparer. However, she feels that her greatest business achievement has been the incorporation of spiritual principles into wealth building, i.e., the metaphysics of giving and reciprocity, understanding the “spirit” of money, and how prosperity begins in the mind.

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