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Iyanifa Ayorinde Awojobi

Iyanifa Ayorinde Awojobi was initiated in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria in 2001. She has been a devoted member of Ile Ori for nearly 18 years, and has fully embraced Yoruba culture. She is committed to learning the rituals and philosophy of Ifa. Iya Ayorinde takes great pride in sharing and imparting knowledge to those who request her guidance and assistance.

Iya Ayorinde coordinates special events, including festivals, in-service classes, workshops, song classes, priests/priestesses trainings, guest lecturers, and visitors at the cultural center. She has been instrumental in the Ile’s event marketing, developing the organizational structure, and creating guidelines. She helps oversee and facilitate on-going activities, calendars of events, logistics and procurement of artifacts, batiks, art and other items necessary for the preservation and perpetuation of African culture in the Diaspora.

Iya Ayorinde has traveled extensively throughout Nigeria, and has attended the internationally-recognized Orisa World Congress, the Osun festival in Osogbo on multiple occasions (a UNESCO-protected historic site), Ifa festivals, Sango festivals (including the festivals in Osogbo and Ede), the Eyo Festival in Lagos, and has visited the world-famous Olumo Rock in Abeokuta and other sacred and historic sites. She has met many Ifa priests, devotees, and other culturally-aware people in Nigeria and America.

By profession, Iya Ayorinde is an information specialist and enjoys traveling and expanding her knowledge.


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